Ac cleaning 1unit 4500yen

Air conditioner cleaning, 4,500 yen per unit including tax, internal cleaning (^ _-) A high-performance high-pressure washer that cleans all heat exchangers and fans.

⬆︎The humidity of air conditioners in Okinawa is high, so if you use this much dirt for about half a year, it will come out from inside the air conditioner.  It may cause your skin to become rough and your hair to smell.  In addition, the inside of the air conditioner needs to be cleaned because viruses and bacteria can easily propagate.

After the detergent components have fully penetrated into the air conditioner, the inside of the air conditioner is cleaned with a high-performance dedicated cleaning machine.

price 1unit $45 cleaning

↑ An email will be sent from the person in charge of the area.  Please email the name of the town you live in and the number of units.

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